20 May

ART by Yasmina Reza (2021)


Presented by The Everyman
20 May 2021

The Everyman presented a rehearsed reading of Art, by Yasmina Reza, as part of Play It by Ear, a programme of shows from The Everyman stage and available through live audio stream.

Three friends quarrel over a work of modern art – in effect, a blank canvas – exposing just how fragile friendship can be.

How much would you pay for a painting with nothing on it? Would it be art? Marc’s best friend Serge has just bought a very expensive – and very white – painting. To Marc, the painting is a joke, and as battle lines are drawn, old friends use it to settle scores. With their friendship hanging in the balance, the question becomes: how much is a painting worth?

What reviewers have said about Art:

Art has been called “funny, sophisticated, stylish, stimulating and moving” (Independent London) and “..a nonstop cross-fire of crackling language” (Newsweek).

“…wildly funny, naughtily provocative…” — NY Post.

“…Reza is a fiendishly clever writer…’ART’ sounds like a marriage of Molière and Woody Allen…” —Newsweek

“That such a simple plot can throw up such profound and meaty ideas about the rules that dictate art and friendship is a real treat. Reza and Hampton have an acute ear for the idiocies, trivia and petty assaults that pepper the conversation between friends…The real pleasures come from Reza’s creation of three beautifully defined, original characters…” —The Mail (London)



Yasmina Reza is French dramatist, novelist, director, and actor. Her works are primarily character-driven, focusing on relationships, or the lack thereof, and the tensions that arise in the normal course of even the most mundane of human interactions. Her play Art, which premiered in Paris in 1994, brought her phenomenal acclaim. It has won numerous awards, including the Moliere Awards for Best Author, Best Play, and Best Production; the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Comedy in 1997; and the Tony Award for Best Play in 1998. Translated into over thirty languages, Art has consistently filled theatres around the world.


Frank Prendergast: Marc
Mark D’Aughton: Serge
Jon Whitty: Yvan

Age recommendation: 15+
Trigger Warnings: Some strong language