15 Oct

Marion by Katie Holly (2020)


Presented by The Everyman
15 OCT 2020

Marion, by Katie Holly, launched The Everyman’s return to live performance on Thursday 15 October following seven months of closure. 

Marion was presented as a rehearsed reading as part of Play It by Ear, a programme of shows for The Everyman stage, and available on live audio broadcast.

Twentysomething Marion has realised, all of a sudden, that she’s a grown-up; in love, life, the 12 pubs of Christmas, and not forgetting the on-going stream of ‘advice’ in her head from well-meaning friends and family. There’s “walk into the bar like you f*ckin’ own it, girl” best friend Jacqui, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” Uncle Ciaran and her “I only say these things for your own good” Mam.

Written by Cork’s own Katie Holly, the brilliantly funny Marion starred Laura O’Mahony and Tadhg Hickey of Cork Comedy troupe CCCahoots, and Katie Holly.

“Congratulations to The Everyman on their very successful first live broadcast. After months of listening to podcasts, it was a refreshing change not being able to press pause which meant I was fully immersed in and felt part of the event. I can’t wait to get back to theatre but in the meantime, this is a very enjoyable and engaging alternative and I am looking forward to the next one.” – Caitriona Hanley

“It was a real treat to have the atmosphere of the unapologetically Cork audio broadcast of Marion by The Everyman last night. The wit of the show, and familiar mannerisms had the whole house here belly laughing.” – Angelica Coughlan

Creative Team

Written by Katie Holly
Directed by Éadaoin O’Donoghue


Starred Laura O’Mahony, Tadhg Hickey and Katie Holly

Warning: The live performance of Marion contained strong language. 


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