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Mark D'Aughton

Mark was a member of Loose Canon Theatre Company in Dublin for ten years; work included Coriolanus, Hamlet, Revenger’s Tragedy and Medea. Since then, he has worked with other companies, some not so close to home, including Gardzienice in Poland. He remains friends with them all. Cork is home again and has been for the last ten years.

He has performed on most stages in Ireland. For the Abbey and Peacock stages he played in St Joan, Julius Caesar, The Crucible and The Burial at Thebes. For Corcadorca, he has performed in many of their site-specific plays, including A Clockwork Orange, The Trial of Jesus, The Merchant of Venice and Plasticine.

Other companies he has loved working with, and he doesn’t say this word lightly, include Galloglass Theatre Company, Second Age, Bedrock, Articulated Anatomy, Macnas, ArtsLab, the English Stage Touring Company, Pat Talbot Productions, BrokenCrow and Conflicted Theatre companies.

He is a founding member of Intersections, a group of artists that produced Friars Walk, directed by Chrissie Poulter, as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival. The project was subsequently produced as a radio drama for UCC Campus Radio and RTÉ Lyric FM.

With RTÉ Lyric FM and Intersections, he has created two more radio dramas, Christmas Postcards and Jerusalem Passion, with the latter being among the finalists of the 2018 New York Radio Festivals. Mark looks forward to playing in Bang! as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival as well as teaming up with Intersections to perform A Barrack Street Rhapsody, a homage to brass bands in Cork.