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Ár Scéal presents
Prom Queen: The Jukebox Musical

Live at The Everyman

Ár Scéal are thrilled to bring Prom Queen: The Jukebox Musical, a youth project based out of Killarney, County Kerry, to The Everyman and share its story with a wider audience.

Prom Queen: The Jukebox Musical is a youth project based out of Killarney, County Kerry. It was written and co-directed by local Killarney Community College pupil, Sinéad Greene (15) and produced and co-directed by Rachel Griffin (18). The project aims to raise awareness about the importance of mental health amongst young people. The themes of the show relate to modern society and include issues such as bullying, domestic abuse and LGBTQ+ representation. The show hopes to shine light on these topics and spark conversations about the many different stories portrayed in this production. There is a witty approach to the daunting questions of modern society, with a catchy soundtrack which has many great and recognisable hits!

Our cast and crew include many local pupils, as well as pupils from outside Killarney (e.g. Rathmore, Tralee and even Cork and Kildare) who have all worked tirelessly on this production, including Sinéad Greene (writer, co-director and lead actor) and Rachel Griffin (co-director, executive producer and lead actor). We are working in conjunction with MACademy, a local theatre organisation that provides pupils with masterclasses and guidance. This inspiring group of young people performed the show on the INEC stage on 21 November, with a school show the following day. These sell-out performances established the show as a massive hit, with huge ticket sales and rave reviews. With the funds raised from the show, the Prom Queen team was delighted to donate 500 euro to Jigsaw Kerry, a local mental health charity for young people.

We are delighted to bring back this show with many of its original cast, as well as a host of newcomers, and we are thrilled to share its story with a wider audience, hoping to raise even more awareness of the serious subject matters highlighted in this show.

Full of many twists and turns, Prom Queen is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. ‘Birdhill’ High, like any Highschool, has its generic yet recognisable cliques: ‘The Popular Girls’, ‘The Handsome Jocks’, ‘The Emos’ and, of course, ‘The Nerds’. Our loveable nerd in this ‘high school tale’ is shy teen Oliver (Olly), accompanied by his sarcastic yet loyal best friend Krystal (Krys). The plot follows the two as they navigate their way through high school. Oliver’s fatal flaw is being a hopeless romantic, which has led him to fall in love with the school’s popular girl, Leah. Krys, however, disapproves of this ‘popular princess’. One day, Olly stupidly challenges the school’s star athlete and popular boy Glen to see who can take Leah to the Prom. That’s where our story begins, only skimming the surface of what lies beneath. We meet many interesting characters along the way, including Glen’s Jock Squad: Rodrick (Glen’s Loudmouth Buddy), Henry (the Principal’s son) and Cameron (Olly’s unidentical twin), as well as Leah’s Popular Clique: Debbie (The Queen of Drama) and Mollie (The Dumb Beauty).

Prom Queen deals with many sensitive topics such as depression, domestic violence, suicide, internalised homophobia and bullying. The main message of Prom Queen is that everyone has their own story. We are more than just ‘popular’, ‘jocks’ and ‘losers’, and this story has an effective and touching way of bringing this to the fore.

Prom Queen the Musical crowned huge success” – Audrey Reidy, Kerry’s Eye

“INEC debut a dream come true” – Michele Crean, Killarney Advertiser

“Talented Kerry teenagers bring their own musical to the stage” “There’s talent in abundance here but it’s not even about that, it’s about the community they’ve created and the magic they’ve shared.” – Jessica Courtney Leen, Westend House School of Arts

“Their passion, creativity and patience for the dramatic arts is outstanding. This show is humorous, full of love, clever, funny, and compassionate, but more than anything it is relatable to everyone young and old sitting in the theatre.” – Lilly McMonagle, MACademy Performing Arts School


Written by Sinead Marie, with additional scenes by Rachel Griffin
Directors Rachel Griffin and Sinead Marie
Assistant Director Lilly McMonagle
Executive Producer Rachel Griffin
Project Coordinator Katrin Pietzonka
Choreographer Wiktoria Gluza
Assistant Choreographer: Alazne Sertutxa
Dancers Vocal Coach: Makaela Crowley
Lighting and Sound Kieran Somers


Krystal Parker Sinead Marie
Krystal Paker Understudy Aoibhe Bartlett
Oliver Lamb Rachel Griffin
Oliver Lamb Understudy Mischa McCarty
Leah Galloway Katie Smith
Leah Galloway Understudy Lulu Healy
Glen Khan Elizabeth O’Shea
Glen Khan Understudy Denis Moroney
Debbie Williams Caoimhe Birch
Debbie Williams Understudy TBC
Mollie Blair Lena Duggan
Mollie Blair Understudy Tessa McGuigan
Cameron Lamb Jake Noonan
Cameron Lamb Understudy Cillian O’Sullivan
Roderick Bokori Denis Moroney
Roderick Bokori Understudy Emily Williams
Henry Bird Mischa McCarthy
Henry Bird Understudy Abbie O’Leay
Marcus Khan Michale Pingo
Lilly Khan Amelie Hussey
Judy Galloway Lulu Healy and Katie Smith
Paige Parker Anna Dunlea
Paige Parker Understudy Robyn Murphy
Support Group Jamie Mandharan, Jessica Uchytill, Mary O’Connor, Lanna McIlroy, Tommy O’Connor, Lucy Courtney, Faye O’Donoghue and Caoimhe Murray
Dancers Wiktoria Gluza, Allannah Power, Una NicCarthaigh, Robyn Murphy and Emily Williams


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Ticket from €16 Running time 165 MIN | INTERVAL

Age recommendation: 12+

Trigger Warnings: Strong language, Onstage smoke effects, Strobe lighting, Loud music / Loud effects, Other: References to suicide, domestic violence, bullying, LGBTQ+ representation

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