29 Oct

The Four Faced Liar (2020)


Presented by The Everyman
29 OCT 2020

The Everyman presented a rehearsed reading of The Four Faced Liar, by Ger FitzGibbon, as part of Play It by Ear, a programme of shows for The Everyman stage and available on live audio broadcast.

Under the Four-Faced Liar it is 3 am…  The iron tongue of Shandon Steeple is silent now and the great clocks on its four faces merely click and cluck and grumble quietly as they haggle amongst themselves.

I have ten-a-past, what have she?
Don’t mind her, she’s stopped altogether.
It’s exactly three.

A soft mist slips down the roofs from Gurrane towards the sluggish oil-slick of the river, where the gulls dip and ride, half-asleep on the cold, black water.

From almost every part of Cork city centre you can see or hear Shandon Steeple.  But what if the reverse were also true and Shandon’s four faces – the famous Four Liars – could see into the hearts and minds, the dreams and longings of the city’s inhabitants.  With the eyes of Shandon to guide us, and the voices of the Four Liars to comment as we go, we make this journey through the night-world of Cork, through the hidden streams that flow under the city and the dreams and desires that flow through its people, its past and its present.

Using the voices of six of our finest actors, under the direction of Emelie FitzGibbon, this production made the audiences look again at this quirky city and some of its inhabitants, living and dead, in the early 21st century.

Creative Team

Written by Ger FitzGibbon
Directed by Emelie FitzGibbon
Starred George Hanover, Jack Healy, Fionula Linehan, Dominic MacHale, Pauline O’Driscoll and Laura O’Mahony. 

Please see THE FOUR FACED LIAR programme HERE


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