Supporting Artists

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The Everyman plays a leading role in Cork City in developing, nurturing and maturing theatre artists, through offering a supportive creative environment.  We know that artists as the lifeblood of The Everyman, each unique in form, practise and potential.

In practice, ours is an open and flexible approach to engaging with artists which seeks to find specific and tailored means of support to allow artists to develop their practice.

Supports have included:

  • Access to rehearsal & office space, box office facilities, venue rental at discount for high-quality artistic projects with limited commercial potential.
  • Producing and artistic supports via schemes such as Tales of Two Cities and Tessellate (in partnership with Corcadorca and Cork Midsummer Festival) and Theatre Artists in Residence (in partnership with Arts Council and Cork City Council)
  • Extensive production support for artists & companies in bringing new work to fruition and to audiences, including line producing, production management services and marketing support
  • Support for emerging artists writing funding applications for the first time
  • Formal and informal mentorship, directing and dramaturgical support from our Artistic Director.
  • Formal and Informal mentorship from our Senior Producer


We are looking for a committed and brilliant trad musician to work on The Everyman’s summer production.

Someone who is a reeds, accordion, pipes, whistle or multi instrumental player who is happy to sing if needed.

Application Deadline: Monday 23rd May 12pm

More details and how to apply HERE


Theatre Artists in Residence

To date, the theatre artists in residence scheme has supported artists such as Carmel Winters (2012/13 resident) and Gare St Lazare (2016/17/18 residents) and BrokenCrow (2018-2021). Our current Artists In Residence are Theatre Lovett.

Theatre Lovett logo

Theatre Lovett – One of the most imaginative and indispensable companies at work today

the everyman as employer

The Everyman is an important employer of theatre artists in the Cork and Munster regions. The Everyman acts as producer and co-producer with select partners to create, produce and tour original and innovative theatre and opera of international standard – on projects such as  Autumn RoyalAsking for It and The Nightingale and the Rose in 2018, Evening Train and How It Is Part 2, the return of Asking For It in 2019, Asking for It, toured to Birmingham REP in 2020, and our Play It By Ear productions in 2020 employed over 80 local artists, returning alongside To The Lighthouse and Heart Of A Dog in 2021.

We produce classic plays annually with a strong audience focus, such as Factory Girls (2016), Dancing at Lughnasa (2017), The Lonesome West (2018 and 2020). The Everyman assumes financial risk to share fresh revivals of the theatrical canon, with audiences and provides artists with the opportunity to engage with these works professionally.


We do not have the capacity within The Everyman team for a script reading facility, and we rarely have the level of funding available to produce unsolicited projects. Our skills and interest lie in facilitating artists to develop their work.

If you are producing or reading your work, please get in touch with our team and someone will try to attend.

We hold open auditions periodically and are always excited about meeting new artists from or based in Cork. Keep an eye out for callouts, or email your acting CV or design portfolio to

We hold monthly artists afternoons for local artists, which are an opportunity to connect with each other, engage with national and international work, and talk through ideas.

We operate an open-door policy for all artists; if you would like to connect with our Artistic Director, Sophie Motley, please get in contact with her below.

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