We promise:

  • To provide clear, honest and open information about how we use personal data
  • To give people the choice about how we use their data
  • To use personal data appropriately and in a way that would be reasonably expected
  • To only share personal data with other organisations where the person has given their consent for us to do so, or where we need to do so in order to fulfil our contract with them 
  • To be accountable and responsible: to take active steps to protect personal data from harm, and to have separate and enhanced procedures for the use of sensitive data (such as data relating to children or disability)
  • To ensure our staff and partners (suppliers and artists) understand these principles and their responsibilities in delivering them

It’s up to you

  • We will send you information by email about similar events and ticket offers and to ask your opinion via occasional customer surveys
  • We will also send you information about events, offers and our fundraising activities by post

Simply tell us when you book your tickets if you’d rather we didn’t do that.

The Everyman – privacy policy

The Everyman (registered business name Everyman Palace CLG) is a registered Arts Charity (number 20150952) that processes data for purposes necessary to fulfil its aims and charitable objectives.

Our full privacy policy which outlines how we process data is available here

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