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Junk Ensemble

Junk Ensemble is a multi-award-winning Dublin-based dance theatre company founded by twin sisters Megan Kennedy and Jessica Kennedy. The company is committed to engaging diverse audiences through the creation and presentation of brave, imaginative and accessible work that sheds light on important human issues relevant to society today. Current Associate Artists at Project Arts Centre and previous Artists-in-Residence at The Tate, Junk Ensemble has built a reputation as one of Ireland’s leading voices in dance. Junk Ensemble frequently collaborates with artists from other disciplines to produce a rich mix of visual and performance styles that challenge the traditional audience / performer relationship. This approach has led to productions being created in non-traditional or found spaces as well as more conventional theatre spaces.

The company often work directly with communities in the creation and performance of their work. Their work has toured to New York, Europe, UK & Ireland. Junk Ensemble’s recent productions include Dances Like a Bomb at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Dublin Dance Festival, Ritual at Cork Midsummer Festival and The Cold Sings at last year’s Dublin Theatre Festival.