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Peter Power

Peter Power is a transdisciplinary Visual Artist, Composer, Sound Designer and Director from Waterford based in Ireland. He holds an honours degree in Biochemistry and a Masters in Composition. He is the Artistic Director of the award-winning company Sparsile Collective, which creates encompassing post-disciplinary art works. He is a current Associate Artist of the BETA festival as part of the Dublin Digital Hub. He is the outgoing Artist-In-Residence of the Cork Midsummer Festival and the National Sculpture Factory.

Peter’s awards include the Arts Council of Ireland Music Bursary award, Theatre Bursary Award, Music and Theatre Project Awards and most recently the AGF award and Visual Arts Commission Award.

He is a founding member of the Irish Society for Performance Design and currently a steering committee member of the National Campaign for the Arts.

Upcoming works include Dwelling, a Dance Theatre and VR visual art installation work as part of Sparsile Collective; The Sod of Confusion, an opera development based on the libretto by Sara Baume and the curation of The Score, a visual art installation around road bowling with sculpture by James Hayes.

His current interests are in the connections between digital and live art, science and story.