02 Nov–07 Nov

Hung Juror (2015)


Presented by The Everyman
2 – 7 Nov 2015

A new play by Liam Heylin

A home-grown Cork comedy about class, grass and justice.

A dope-growing juror wrestles with her verdict on a crazed stalker (alleged).

Grainne’s been called for jury duty to pass judgment on Liam Healy, an unemployed north-sider who may or may not be guilty of stalking his ex.

But Grainne’s got secrets of her own. There’s the marijuana plants growing in the attic for one thing. And husband Dermot’s relationship with the taxman may not be as straightforward as it seems…

DERMOT: Are we even a mile from home? And it’s like… a different world.

Like, is it a good idea to be walkin’ around here?

GRAINNE: They manage and they live here. We’re only … observing… Like David Attenborough.

From the same creative team smash hit Love, Peace and Robbery and featuring two of Cork’s finest comic actors, the premiere of this sharp, witty and brilliantly insightful comedy was unmissable. 

“good observational comedy” – Irish Examiner (Read full review HERE)

Cast and Creative Team

Written by Liam Heylin

Directed by Donal Gallagher (Love All, The Chronicles of Oggle)

Starred Laura O’Mahony (RTE’s Storyland & Comedy Bites) and Shane Casey (Republic of Telly, Love Peace & Robbery).