01 Oct

Bangers and Crash Percussion Sextet – An Immersive Experience

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Bangers and Crash Percussion Sextet – An Immersive Experience
TUE 1 OCT, 7.30PM
Live at The Everyman

Bangers and Crash Percussion, Ireland’s premier percussion ensemble will perform a unique concert at The Everyman on Tuesday 1 October.

This immersive, surround-sound music experience will captivate audiences with a mesmerizing blend of virtuoso performances and collaborative participation.

The performance will feature 50 young participant musicians from across Cork, recruited in partnership with Music Generation Cork City, MTU Cork School of Music, Cork City Music College and Cork Youth Orchestra. These aspiring musicians will join the ensemble for workshops, rehearsals and the live performance, adding a unique dimension to the event. For anyone interested in taking part please contact info@soundwavesmusicspace.com.

Led by some of Ireland’s leading percussionists: Alex Petcu-Colan, Emma King, Caitríona Frost, Brian Dungan, Paddy Nolan and John Rousseau-Parlane, Bangers and Crash Percussion promises a fascinating evening of music exploration through a diverse repertoire that spans from contemporary percussion to Afro-Cuban rhythms, Japanese taiko, Spanish flamenco and Javanese gamelan.

Bangers and Crash Percussion is on a mission to make music fun and accessible to all by using the magic of percussion to open doors. With a spectacular array of percussion instruments, including marimbas, vibraphones, tubular bells, wind chimes, crotales, tambourines and drums, the ensemble creates a symphony of captivating sonorities.

The ensemble’s past projects include large-scale productions for Cork Midsummer Festival and PIMA! Fest, a successful 8-date Music Network tour, collaborations with Irish National Opera and performances at prestigious events like Body & Soul. Additionally, Bangers and Crash Percussion has conducted over 100 workshops in schools across Ireland, fostering a love for percussive music among young learners.

“From the resonant chime of bells to the hissy rattle of shakers to the meditative hum of gongs, percussion instruments bring to our ears a vast region of sonic space. In this way, a percussion ensemble can at times be like a miniature orchestra in itself.” – Liam Cagney, RTÉ Culture

“Through all of this mixed programme, Bangers and Crash prove a reliably cohesive and entertaining ensemble. They promised us a fun night out, and the warm response from the audience – as well as the lingering conversations after – suggest that, and more. If they come to your town, seek them out…”, “witty, melodic ideas, with shifting patterns and cross-rhythms”, “Laid out, these become improvised keys of random tonality, offering strange melodies and rhythmic interplay, the players converging in a brilliant unison passage.”, “Their spare movements lead to flicks, slaps, and claps, shifting metre and rhythm to create intricate patterns from barely anything.” – Michael Lee, Goldenplec (Read full review HERE)

“the Cork-born musician (Petcu) has developed a reputation for innovation in the world of contemporary percussion, utilising improvised instruments including bottles, beer-kegs, scrap metal, car parts: ‘everything makes a sound when you hit it’” – Ellie O’Byrne, Irish Examiner (Read full review HERE)


Musical Director Alex Petcu
Percussionists Alex Petcu, Caitriona Frost, John Rousseau-Parlane, Brian Dungan, Emma King and Patrick Lynch

Ticket €10

Running time 60 min | No Interval

Age recommendation All

Trigger Warnings none


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